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Holistic Outdoor Early Learning And Mindfulness Centre

About Elaine Kerins Glavey

Elaine Kerins Glavey qualified as a primary school teacher in 2003 from Mary Immaculate College, Limerick with first class honours and has twelve years primary teaching experience in all areas of the primary school curriculum including four years in special needs. She has gained invaluable experience working with children of all ages.  She received a First class honours Diploma in Speech and Drama in 2005 delivering after school classes to children. She has also been involved in coaching many sporting teams in her primary school.

As a mother of two young children, she experiences nature and the outdoors regularly and sees how engaged and at peace children are naturally playing, learning and exploring. Her two young children rebirthed her interest and love of nature and they inspired her to follow her dream and her souls calling.

She has a huge passion and an interest in nurturing the overall holistic development of the children whereby the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing of the child is developed.

Her enthusiasm and belief in the importance of this holistic and integrated approach to education inspired her to train as a Mindfulness Relax Kids coach, the only one in Connacht. This is a program aimed at helping the children develop techniques to relax and release emotions through warm up and movement, fun and relaxation games, stretching, massage, breathing exercise, affirmations and visualisations.

Fused with her love of the outdoors, the woods, nature and the land she felt a huge calling to follow her hearts desires to open up an outdoor early learning and mindfulness centre for children and offer them an early childhood education that is holistic in all ways and follows the natural emerging interests of the child – a home from home, a place where children are given the freedom to be themselves and loved and valued for who they are inside and out. All of these opportunities and activities provide time and space for the children to connect with themselves and nature.

It is a crucial time in Irish society to recognise how children are being deprived of the benefits of outdoors and the nurturing environment that nature and its beauty offers. In an era where Nature Deficit Disorder is a recognized condition the vision and dream of Nurture by Nature is to reconnect children with nature and themselves.

As Ranulph Fiennes says “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”.

Elaine’s Qualifications:

1st Hons Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching)

Relax Kids coach (Social & Emotional wellbeing)

Diploma in Speech and Drama

Outdoor Play and Learning Certificate with Early Childhood Ireland

Our Mission

The mission of Nurture by Nature is to ensure that the physical, social, emotional and intellectual well-being of each child is nurtured through an integrated holistic approach to outdoor play in a natural learning environment.

Our Philosophy

Nurture by Nature offers a nurturing indoor learning environment and the children will also be immersed in the beauty of nature with regular visits to the beautiful walled garden and surrounding woodlands.

Inspired by the philosophies of Scandinavian and German Kindergartens, Rudolf Steiner among many other early childhood philosophers, Nurture by Nature promotes the importance of outdoor play experiences for children to engage their senses, inspire curiosity, awe, wonder and fuel their creativity and imagination, essential ingredients to grow, learn and explore at the childs own pace.  Emphasis will be on respect, wonder and reverence for nature and the human being where childhood is to be celebrated and not rushed.

Our Programme

Our programme will be an integrated play based emergent curriculum underpinned by the National Aistear Curriular framework carried out in a flexible manner which affords the children choice and follows the natural rhythms and emergent interest of the child. The fusion of the outdoors, nature and mindfulness techniques and practices are powerful ingredients in the overall holistic development of the child. We strive to create a happy confident child and an inspired creative child.

Nurture by Nature embodies a contemporary and widely discussed emerging form of early childhood education. It is a crucial time in Irish society to recognise how children are being deprived of the benefits of outdoors and the nurturing environment that nature and its beauty offers. In an era where Nature Deficit Disorder is a recognised condition Nurture by Nature’s vision and dream is to reconnect children with nature and themselves through as much hands on experiences as possible.

Nurture by Nature offers parents the option to avail of the ECCE Scheme.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our children, staff, visitors and volunteers is of utmost importance. It is the policy of Nurture by Nature to strive to achieve an environment that constantly offers the highest level of safety in all activities and operations and to comply with all health and safety laws applicable to our school. Through our safety statement, risk assessments, checklists and continuous training we will endeavour to achieve our aim of providing a healthy and safe environment to all who enter our service.

Nature reflects the natural state of consciousness; the awakened state where we know ourselves to be whole, complete and in oneness. Just being in nature brings us back to who we truly are.

Arjuna Ardagh