Our Poem

Holistic Outdoor Early Learning And Mindfulness Centre

This Is The Place

By John Quinn

This is the boat that crosses the seas,

Look at the sails puffed up by the breeze!

First we just scare all the pirates away,

Then the dolphins and whales come out to play.


(CHORUS) Oh this is the VERY BEST place to be,

This is the place where I can be me.


And here are the pots and here are the pans,

That we love to wallop and hammer and bang,

We chant and we call and we sing and we shout,

There’s lots of music when we’re about!




And SHHH!, this is the room where we’re all very still,

Curled up on a cushion, as our heads slowly fill,

With wonderful pictures and magical scenes,

As we float away in a bubble of dreams.




And this is our very own jungle trail,

Where we go exploring with hearts so brave,

There might be bears, there might be elves,

There might be wood-creatures just like ourselves.




This is the where we paint and draw,

It might be a tree or a dinosaur,

With a purple face and a spotty chest,

And orangey legs and a stripey vest!




And this is the place I like the best,

There’s mud and water to make a mess,

I squeeze it and squelch it and then with a Plop,

I jump up and down in a puddle of SLOP!




For Elaine, With admiration,

JOHN QUINN 25-09-15